Padded Bra Problems For Ileana

The most attractive feature for any woman happens to be the bust and bosom that really appeals to the man's eye and if one of them are not in shape then usually ladies don't tend to grab attention. So in this process, there are many who try to come up with various artificial stuffs like padded bras and other things.

It is now being heard that one of the ruling queens of the Telugu cinema has been adopting such method. She is none other than the slender beauty Ileana who must be the only girl to have such a seductive pair of hips and curves down below in the entire film industry. However, there has been a talk about her assets and cleavage.

It is said that Ileana is resorting to padded bras to show that sort of juice but then folks know what the truth is. So it now appears that she might have to go in for something like a silicon transplant if she is looking at having a gorgeous bust or some special exercises to make things prominent. Let us wait and see…

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